Dental bonding is done routinely at Dr. Russell Cannon’s Irvine dental office.

What is it?

Dental bonding in Irvine, California, can often be performed without local anesthetic (needle). In our Irvine dental office, dental bonding can reshape a front tooth to make it blend in with the rest of the teeth. Dental bonding at Dr. Russell Cannon’s office can replace missing tooth structure associated with tooth brush abrasion. Dental bonding is an additive technique that can rejuvenate a single tooth or several teeth. Dr. Cannon’s dental bonding can change the color of a dark tooth to better match the surrounding teeth.

What is it made of?

Dr. Cannon’s office uses a plastic-like composite resin material that starts out as a moldable thick paste. The composite comes in 50-plus shades, and layered multiple shades can be used to create the ideal desired shape and color. When exposed to intense LED light, it hardens in seconds.

How does it stick to my tooth?

In Dr. Russell Cannon’s office, the tooth is buffed lightly to remove the fluoride-impregnated layer and any stains. Our Irvine dental office then places a blue gel on the tooth area to receive the dental bonding. This etches the surface layer to create a roughened bondable surface. Dr. Russell Cannon or his RDA-EF2 assistant (Eva) then places a runny liquid drop of bonding resin on the etched surface, air dries the liquid resin, and cures it with the LED light. Now, the paste-like composite resin can be placed, shaped, and fully cured with the LED light.

Is the bonding strong?

In our Irvine dental office, we are selective in who and where we place these dental bondings in Irvine, California. If the tooth being treated has missing tooth structure that was caused by nocturnal grinding or bruxism, Dr. Russell Cannon will probably suggest something stronger. If the chipped tooth occurred by accident, the results of our Irvine dental bonding will be excellent.

How long will it last?

In our Irvine dental office, we tell patients that dental bondings look great for 2-3 years, and probably should be replaced after 5 years. In Dr. Russell Cannon’s office, we sometimes see this technique as a direct, one-step “Band-aid” treatment or as trial view of what we can do to enhance our patients’ smiles. There are alternative treatments that last longer, including veneers and all-ceramic crowns. For small additions on teeth that do not involve the edge of the tooth, we may see good esthetics for 3-5 years and serviceable restorations that last for 7-10 years.

If you are interested in scheduling a cosmetic consultation with our team to learn more about dental bonding in Irvine, California, please give us a call. We would be happy to answer all of your questions and plan a time for you to meet Dr. Russell Cannon. We hope to hear from you soon!