At our dental practice, we recognize that millions of people, including many of our patients, avoid dental visits because of anxiety or fear. We never want these feelings to stop you from getting the treatments you need to live a healthier, happier life. Dr. Russell Cannon, our caring dentist, has designed his practice with you in mind, and we strive to make all of our patients feel welcome and relaxed. Soft pillows, warm blankets, and sunglasses, especially for our little patients, help create a comfortable atmosphere. As an added touch, we provide TV and movie viewing with noise-canceling headphones.

Along with amenities to ensure you have a positive experience, Dr. Russell Cannon also continuously evaluates the technologies and therapies we employ so that our patients receive superior care. Intraoral cameras allow us to get an up-close view of your teeth and gums to determine your oral health needs. For large cases, we use wax-up models to customize your planned treatment and results.

Keeping you comfortable is a top priority, so Dr. Russell Cannon has selected various products that help us accomplish this goal. We have a mouth rinse that numbs your gums in preparation for treatment, which is especially good for patients with sensitivity or a strong gag response. Dr. Russell Cannon also uses OraVerse®, an anti-numbing agent. With OraVerse, patients don’t have to hassle with the hours of numbness that usually accompany dental work. After he completes the dental procedure, Dr. Russell Cannon will administer OraVerse, which will return your mouth to normal in half the time it takes for the anesthesia to wear off on its own. We provide this service at no additional cost.

If you are interested in learning more about our dental technology in Irvine, California, and all of the ways we put you first, please contact our dental office today. We look forward to meeting you and serving your smile!