While we do everything in our power to prevent decay and damage from occurring, chances are you will need to repair a tooth at some point in your life. Whether it is placing a simple dental filling or replacing multiple missing teeth, Dr. Russell Cannon is here to rejuvenate your smile and ensure it functions properly for a lifetime. Our dental team understands how a broken or decayed smile can impact your life, and we work hard to reverse these problematic conditions. We always want you to leave our office feeling more confident and happy in how your smile looks and feels.

Our dentist and team are dedicated to repairing your teeth by utilizing the latest dental technology in a comfortable, relaxing environment. We are passionate about dentistry and taking care of smiles, and we hope to pass that love on to you and your family. If you are experiencing signs of decay or have experienced any form of dental trauma, we encourage you to call our dental office today. We would love to share more with you about restorative dentistry in Irvine, California, and help you schedule your appointment. We are eager to help you and your smile in any way we can.