If one or more of your teeth is diagnosed in our Irvine dental office as needing a crown, we can make it a pleasant experience with minimum chair time and two office visits. Crowns or partial crowns, called onlays, are routinely used in Dr. Russell Cannon dental office to restore a tooth for many reasons.
They Include:

  • Restore a tooth with moderate to severe tooth decay
  • Hold a tooth together that has an incomplete fracture
  • Restore a tooth that is not restorable with a filling
  • Anchor a traditional bridge in place
  • Restore an implant fixture and abutment to complete it
  • Enhance the natural beauty of your smile

Please see the video on crowns after the body of this text to get a quick overview and understanding of what is involved in having a crown placed on your teeth. We offer all the latest types of crowns in our Irvine dental practice. Although Dr. Russell Cannon has placed many porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, gold crowns, inlays, and onlays over his long career, our Irvine, California dental office uses mostly all-ceramic crowns, including Zirconia, E-Max, and Celtra, in most applications. Porcelain onlays are often used by Dr. Russell Cannon to minimize tooth reduction and keep the crown margins above the gum line for easier home care. A crown or onlay, placed before excessive loss of natural tooth structure has occurred, will be more retentive and serve the patient for many years. In cases where there is little natural tooth structure remaining, our Irvine, California, dental office will perform an extensive build up, often using pins or posts. This does help improve the lifespan of the tooth. If Dr. Russell Cannon deems the tooth to have only a short term survival due to too much loss of tooth structure, he will advocate for extraction and implant placement.

Our Irvine, California, dental practice advises our patients with crowns to utilize excellent home care, including electronic tooth brushing, flossing, and various interdental devices, so their new crowns last decades, not just years. You can be assured that your dental crown will fit properly, feel comfortable, and match the rest of your dentition. If you are interested in learning more about dental crowns, Dr. Russell Cannon and his dental team welcome you to call our office today to earn more. We are here to enhance your smile with beautiful crown restorations.