Whitening Special & Referral Program

When you refer a patient to our office, we will give you custom bleaching trays and gel. Receive free refills every time you visit us for a checkup or cleaning! As an added bonus, the person you have referred will also get the same Teeth Whitening for Life program once he or she completes treatment with our dentist.

OraVerse® at No Charge

No one likes the numbness and puffy feeling after dental work. With OraVerse, an anti-numbing agent, Dr. Russell Cannon can reverse local anesthetic, and we will do so at no additional cost to our patients.


Our office now offers a fantastic gum numbing rinse that can be used when having your teeth cleaned or for your 3 or 4 month periodontal maintenance. This oral rinse allows your gums to get numb before your cleaning. It is available to all our patients at no additional charge.

Contact our dental office in Irvine, California, today to learn more about these great specials!